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Global Integration or Dis-Integration?
Surviving the Challenge
01 Thursday
Kimpton Seafire Resort
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US $490
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A world class speaker line up. Global vision with local impact. Thought provoking review.

Cayman Economic Outlook is an annual conference that brings together leading thinkers and doers to explore how global business, technology, science, finance, politics and culture shape the Cayman economy.

Diego Zuluaga Laguna

Global Economist

Erica Orange

Futurist & Trend Spotter

Jamie Metzl

Changemaker, Geopolitics and Biotechnology Expert, Futurist Novelist

Dr. Kent Moors, Ph.D

Global Energy Strategist

Miko Matsumura

ICO Advisor, Founder of Evercoin Exchange & Venture Capital LP
Our Host Partners play a critical role in CEO 2018's mission to bring global vision to Cayman.

If you have any questions regarding partnerships or would just like to discuss the possibilities in more detail, contact us today!

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Jan 15 2018
Cayman Economic Outlook has been hosted in the Cayman Islands by Fidelity since 2004, and each year continues to present thought-provoking inform...
Jan 16 2018
Diego Zuluaga Laguna is an expert in consumer finance and banking, capital markets regulation, and multi-sided markets… but his finely honed ta...
Jan 17 2018
Both the Cayman Islands’ economic history and bright future is full of opportunity, growth, and constant expansion. The emergence of the ‘twi...
Jan 22 2018
Erica Orange is a trend-spotter and analytical thinker with the superpower of connecting the dots to answer big “So What?” implications for t...
Jan 29 2018
Jamie Metzl is a changemaker and futurist with expertise in Geopolitics and Biotechnology. He has authored several books on diverse topics such a...
Jan 30 2018
Dr. Kent Moors is a leading expert in oil and gas policy as well as finance and risk assessment. He advises 27 world governments, including China...
Jan 31 2018
Miko Matsumura is a leading expert in cryptocurrency and studied neuroscience at Yale University. He founded the crypto exchange Evercoin, invest...