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15 Years Later and CEO Conference is Still Shining a Bright Light on Economic Outlook

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15 Years Later and CEO Conference is Still Shining a Bright Light on Economic Outlook

Savage Consulting | Jan 15 2018
15 Years Later and CEO Conference is Still Shining a Bright Light on Economic Outlook

Cayman Economic Outlook has been hosted in the Cayman Islands by Fidelity since 2004, and each year continues to present thought-provoking information on global influences in our economic landscape.

This year, for the 15th annual event, the theme is “Global Integration or Dis-Integration? Surviving the Challenge.”

Fidelity CEO Brett Hill summarized the sentiment of the event leading up to last years conference, but the feeling holds true continuously for the event: “The purpose of the conference is definitely not doom and gloom. It is really to talk about the path out of it.”

CEO Conference brings together world class speakers to talk about global impact on Cayman’s economy in regards to global business, technology, science, finance, politics and culture. Each year though leaders from multiple industries come together to discuss the big picture of our economic future in the ever-changing global landscape.

Here are the themes from the past few years leading up to this years theme centered around Dis-Integration. They provide valuable insight and a brief glimpse into how the economic outlook has evolved tremendously in recent years.


2015: Think:Growth

For the first time since the economic crisis of 2008, Cayman is projected to see it’s highest growth in GDP with a positive outlook of over 2.1% projected for the year. The discussion involves contemplation on how Cayman can best create a solid foundation for growth with its education system and other key factors. You can catch a video recap of the event here.

2016: Inequality

Inequality is noted as a major driver of global social fragility. The Cayman Compass publishes an article titled “No clear solutions for global economic inequality” [read full article here] which touches on the widening gap between rich and poor not only in the Cayman Islands but all over the world.

2017: Economic Stagnation

The focus of the conference shifted towards growth this year, despite the stagnation of the economic landscape globally. Opportunities for economic growth were highlighted during a year of political surprises and uncertainty. Event sponsor Neville Hicks, representing Five Continents Financial Ltd., is noted as saying “I think for businesses that operate here both locally and internationally, it’s about understanding what’s going on in the world and not being reactive from a business or regulatory standpoint, but being proactive” in this article by the Cayman Compass.

And so, here we are in the short weeks leading up to 2018’s CEO Conference with almost 20 years of local impact from global economic impact insights. It’s easy to see from the last few years topics of discussion, the CEO conference seeks to prepare our business leaders for the world’s impact on our local economic atmosphere in association with the global climate. To be a part of this important discussion for the country’s future, purchase your ticket here.