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CEO Guest Speaker Highlight: Dr. Kent Moors

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CEO Guest Speaker Highlight: Dr. Kent Moors

Savage Consulting | Jan 30 2018
CEO Guest Speaker Highlight: Dr. Kent Moors

Dr. Kent Moors is a leading expert in oil and gas policy as well as finance and risk assessment. He advises 27 world governments, including China, the United States, and Russia [source]. He is a highly sought after speaker and internationally recognized as an expert on the energy revolution. He has spoken at multiple events such as TedX [watch video here] and appeared as a guest on multiple media outlets including Fox News [watch video here].

Dr. Moors regularly discusses the impact exponential growth in short bursts of time is having on the current economic landscape with an emphasis on energy. Dr. Moors recently wrote an article titled “What’s Really Behind Oil’s Meteoric Rise in 2018” where he discussed the “breakneck speed” of the 2018 oil rally [read full article]. In his article, he discussed three major wildcards currently affecting the economic environment.

During this time of ‘wildcards’ and fast-paced change happening in the energy industry, the audience for the 2018 CEO Conference in Cayman can look forward to Dr. Moors weighing in on the economic impact the global environment will have locally.

Don’t miss your chance to hear this year’s experts speak on Cayman’s economic outlook. Purchase your tickets here to the 2018 CEO conference. The event will take place on February 1st at the Kimpton Seafire in Grand Cayman.