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CEO Guest Speaker Highlight: Erica Orange

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CEO Guest Speaker Highlight: Erica Orange

Savage Consulting | Jan 22 2018
CEO Guest Speaker Highlight: Erica Orange

Erica Orange is a trend-spotter and analytical thinker with the superpower of connecting the dots to answer big “So What?” implications for trade associations, public sector clients, and several influential Fortune 500 companies.

As the Executive Vice President and COO of The Future Hunters, Erica spots trends and highlights the repercussions of these trends in six main areas of expertise:

Social trends
Technological trends
Economic trends
Political trends
Demographic trends
Environmental trends

The Future Hunters have assisted organizations in preparing for the future and creating game winning strategies for over 40 years. Erica herself is globally recognized as an industry authority and thought leader. Her presence is regularly in demand globally to offer her insights and expertise.

Erica spoke in 2016 at a conference for on the concept of shifting from sustainable to going ‘blue’ — “putting back more than you take out” [watch video here]. During her speech, Erica highlighted the global and local impact of her concept ‘templosion’, or the rapid trunkation of time, and how technology has implicated our experience with time to create exponential growth during shorter periods.

During this time of technology and change, the audience for the 2018 CEO Conference in Cayman can look forward to Erica’s skill of spotting trends globally and inferring their impact at a local level. Her expertise is sure to provide interesting insights on our local economic landscape and its future outlook in association with these trends.

To be a part of this exciting opportunity, purchase your tickets here. The event will take place on February 1st at the Kimpton Seafire in Grand Cayman.