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CEO Guest Speaker Highlight: Jamie Metzl

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CEO Guest Speaker Highlight: Jamie Metzl

Savage Consulting | Jan 29 2018
CEO Guest Speaker Highlight: Jamie Metzl

Jamie Metzl is a changemaker and futurist with expertise in Geopolitics and Biotechnology. He has authored several books on diverse topics such as historical novels like The Depths of the Sea and fictional genetics thrillers like Genesis Code. Jamie spoke about another of his thriller fictions, Eternal Sonata, at Talks at Google in 2016. He put emphasis on our current situation of exponential change and the complexity of how it applies to us as individuals [watch video here].

Jamie’s expertise also lies heavily in Southeast Asian history and politics, which he has also authored books about. He worked previously as the Executive Vice President of the Asia Society. He now regularly discusses the implications of Asia’s affairs on a global scale, such as weighing in on CNN during the missile launches in North Korea by Kim Jong-un [watch video here] this past year.

He often contributes to various national media outlets on knowledge about the future of technology in association with genetics and bioengineering. His enticing stance reveals a future outlook we should all be conscientious of. Jamie spoke about this in an article published by Tech Crunch [read full article here], where he said:

“Nearly everybody wants to have cancers cured and terrible diseases eliminated. Most of us want to live longer, healthier and more robust lives. Genetic technologies will make that possible. But the very tools we will use to achieve these goals will also open the door to the selection for and ultimately manipulation of non-disease-related genetic traits — and with them a new set of evolutionary possibilities.

As the genetic revolution plays out, it will raise fundamental questions about what it means to be human, unleash deep divisions within and between groups, and could even lead to destabilizing international conflict.”

During this time of technological advancement in bioengineering, the audience for the  2018 CEO Conference in Cayman can look forward to Jamie weighing in on the global impact these advancements will have for Cayman.

To hear Jamie’s expert insights on the global impact for Cayman’s economy, purchase your tickets here to the 2018 CEO conference. The event will take place on February 1st at the Kimpton Seafire in Grand Cayman.